Durian Buffet in Balik Pulau

In the tropics, there are rainy and dry seasons. Additionally, there is the eagerly anticipated durian period. Among enthusiasts right here, durian season is as very much anticipated as the Xmas season is definitely in the west."Eating a good durian is similar to tasting an excellent bottle of claret", says Englishman, Nigel Pendrigh.

A durian connoisseur, Nigel acquired the taste for the fruit eight years back. He explained a durian experience to be richly three-dimensional in aroma, flavor, and nuances. And also, it had been Nigel and his wife Fee who brought me to the durian plantation in Balik Pulau in Penang. The plantation offers in regards to a thousand durian trees which are aged between 60 and a century old. We proceeded to go there in July, best smack at the peak of the durian season. There we tasted a multitude of durians which range from Ooi Know (yellowish ginger) to Ang Hae (Crimson Shrimp); from Peh Bak Eu (White-colored Pork Lard) to Ling Feng Grow (called after Jackie Chan's wife). Hor Lor, D 11, and D 24 were all being served as of this decadent durian feast.

They have branded durians that are prized for his or her flavor, textures, and flavors. A few of these yummy types have received coveted durian competitions. Mrs. Lim, the wife of the plantation owner, provided us her irresistible home-produced durian. We had been told these were created from 30kg of real durian pulp and 3kg of sugars. She especially pointed out that no flour was added in her recipe. Ooh... That clarifies the outstanding aroma oozing from these delightful mouthfuls. Durian offers inspired many to utilize it in nice edibles such as dodol, ice cream, pastries, and mooncakes, amongst others. My preferred durian dessert, durian pulut (glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk), can be a rich, deadly mixture that has me operating many hours on the treadmill machine.

But it is worth it. Durian is often known to have a 'heaty' impact. Many declare that this effect could be countered by normal water from the durian husk. To rid hands and breath from the smell of durian, pour drinking water into a clear husk; rinse and beverage from it. Think it’s great or hates it, a durian will always stand out like zero other fruit.

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