Davao Town and the King of Fruits, Durian

If there's a very important factor that Davao City is fairly well known for, it is the Durian fruit. As the just town in the Philippines that's able to grow and harvest a bountiful quantity of Durian throughout the year, the "King of Fruits" is definitely, Davao's pride.

A fruit that's in a position to draw out multiple reactions from the people, the Durian fruit is either adored dearly or hated immensely. Durian may be the fruit of many tree species beneath the genus Durio and the Malvaceae family members. Its appearance is relatively distinct since it garners a big fruit size that could are as long as 12 inches and think about 3 kilograms. Its covering is solid and thorny and its edible flesh emits a solid and penetrating smell. When in Davao, one's not an actual DavaoeƱo if they usually do not eat Durian.

The Legend of Durian

It's a Philippine custom to create up legends about the origins of points thus, Durian's origin offers its own story. It had been said that there is a king who postponed his relationship to provide his kingdom better. When his kingdom has already reached its peak, the townspeople believed it would be better to repay the king by searching for the main one he loves. Ultimately, the king did look for a princess that's matched to end up being his queen. However, the only issue was, the princess didn't love him but only made a decision to marry him out of respect.

The king didn't quit and wooed his queen every day in his castle nonetheless it was useless. The other day, a hermit found the king and helped him. He gave him a potion that was to be dropped to a magical tree. From then on, the tree bore a magical fruit with smooth peelings and desired odor. When the king offered it to the queen, she immediately fell in love.

Overjoyed, the king kept an enormous feast where individuals were invited. But he forgot to invite one individual, the hermit who provided him the perfect solution is. Angry for the king's ungratefulness, the hermit transformed the fruit with a thorny covering and pungent smell, therefore, making the queen fall out of like with the king permanently. This is one way the Durian fruit had become according to a vintage Filipino legend.

Durian Varieties

Davao's range on its Durian fruit is pretty many. The city's weather was proven ideal for the tree to develop and bear fruits. Not exceeding below 22 degrees Celsius, the city's fairly warmer climate maintains the Durian trees from dying. The types in the city tend to be Arancillo, Atabrine, Mamer, and Change.

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